Philip Kapneck

Philip Kapneck always has a positive attitude to everything he does. This showed up especially in his 40 year career as Maryland Trade Ambassador. From the time of his initial appointment up until the time he retired, he was instrumental in helping to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in Maryland and other states. Since retiring from his position with the state of Maryland, he is still active and always willing to help any state with a company's desire to set up in the USA and to give his advice or opinion. He supports colleagues, businesses and people throughout the USA.

Man of the Year

University of Maryland Student Government Association 1971

Philip Kapneck was honored by University of Maryland Student Government Association in 1971. Philip Kapneck was the first non-University of Maryland student in 12 years to be named Man of the Year. Governor Marvin Mandel appointed Philip Kapneck as his Special Advisor on Student Affairs to the Governor's Office. The purpose was to be a communicator between students and the Governor's Office after the previous campus upheavals.

NewsBlaze Business Support Award

Philip Kapneck was honoured for his service to the state of Maryland for 40 years, as the Maryland Trade Ambassador, in June 2015. He is the longest serving State Trade Ambassador of any U.S. state.

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