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Trade Ambassador Kapneck represents the State of Maryland, to help promote business in the state, and bring new businesses that help to improve the economy and increase employment for citizens of the state. Philip Kapneck has been Maryland Trade Ambassador since the 1970's when he was appointed to travel to Brussels, Belgium to start a trade mission there.

Thank you for visiting this official web site, presented by the State of Maryland. It shows some of the related work that has been done over 40 years. This has all been compiled from articles and stories found on the internet and in business news. See the Philip Kapneck profile page.

News of Trade Ambassador Kapneck

Philip Kapneck: Maryland Trade Ambassador and Job Creator
Interview with a former Maryland State Government official who worked for many years with Maryland Trade Ambassador, Philip Kapneck.

Philip Kapneck Served Maryland as Trade Ambassador for 40 Years
It’s very rare for a high level public servant to keep their job for more than a few years, particularly when the administration changes. It’s also rare for a public servant to keep the same job for a very long time.

Philip Kapneck Gives 40 Years of Service as Maryland Trade Ambassador
Philip Kapneck celebrates 40 successful years as Maryland Trade Ambassador. Governor Marvin Mandel first appointed Philip Kapneck to the post in 1974.

Philip Kapneck Wins NewsBlaze Business Support Award For 40 Years Service, Achieved and Celebrated October 2014
NewsBlaze honored Philip Kapneck with the NewsBlaze 2015 Business Support award for his service to the state of Maryland for 40 years, as the Maryland Trade Ambassador. Our research shows he is also the longest serving State Trade Ambassador of any U.S. state.

Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck Working For The People
Ambassador Kapneck has introduced many companies to Maryland by helping these companies get established in the State of Maryland. Once they are established he continues to assist them in contacting other business operations which in turn makes the new companies a valuable part of the state economy and in turn, this helps to reduce unemployment numbers.

Ambassador Philip Kapneck: A Gentleman and A Statesman
During the past few years when the recession was starting to take hold and change the American way of life and the American dream, there were those who worked harder and longer each day to help their fellow citizens, to keep their heads above water. One of these individuals was Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck who was able to contact and reconnect with business and industry he attracted to the USA over the past 30 years, that created jobs for individuals in Maryland.

Philip Kapneck, Maryland Trade Ambassador, Sees Interest In Franchises
The Maryland Trade Ambassador and the Maryland Secretary of the Cabinet were recently approached with information suggesting that some people who are looking for other options in the current job market may consider Franchising.

Philip Kapneck: Have a Positive Outlook and Attitude in Business and in Life
Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador, used the words "Have a Positive Outlook and Attitude in Business and in Life" as his motto in 1970, and I am told he continues to use this motto today.

A Race Between Philip Kapneck, Princess Anne And A Polo Pony
A story about polo player Philip Kapneck, before he became Maryland Trade Ambassador, a meeting with Princess Anne, a British Ambassador, and a polo pony who wanted to race.

Philip Kapneck Invited To Join 25 Year Business Celebration
Philip Kapneck, Maryland's Trade Ambassador, is to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Embassy Night in October 2013. The World Trade Center Institute, Legg Mason and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development host the event. Business leaders, executives, Ambassadors and senior Embassy representatives attend the VIP dinner each year.

Philip Kapneck Welcomes University of Maryland Cupids Cup Business Competition
Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador, applauds the University of Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute for their support of Business in Maryland, through their excellent Business Model Challenge.

Philip Kapneck Applauds University of Maryland Business Model Challenge
Philip Kapneck follows the events of the 2014 Cupid’s Cup Business Competition, run by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Under Armour, and UMd alumnus Kevin Plank.

Philip Kapneck Started Maryland International Business Efforts
Maryland's international ventures over the years are a tale of enormous success. Gov. Marvin Mandel, back in the early 1970s, started the efforts when he appointed Philip Kapneck as Maryland trade ambassador.

Hon. Philip Kapneck Attends Embassy Night at the Ronald Reagan Building
Among the VIPs attending and discussing the evening events were Maryland's Robert L. Walker, Secretary for Business and Enterprise Development, Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck, and Ms. Signe Pringle, Program Director for the Office of International Investments and Trade for DBED.

Embassy Night Washington DC October 2012: Hon. Ambassador Philip Kapneck
On October 4, 2012, the World Trade Center Institute, Legg Mason and the State of Maryland had a successful evening of showcasing Global Markets and Business Success. Diplomats and Senior Executives attended "Embassy Night" at the Ronald Reagan building and International Trade Center in Washington DC.

Ambassador Kapneck's Ribbon Cutting Creates Celebration
Ribbon cutting ceremonies in the State of Maryland started to take hold in 1976 when Trade Ambassador Kapneck made them his personal celebration of opening businesses and industry in Maryland.

Philip Kapneck Helps Bring Axion Structural Design To Maryland
Maryland Trade Ambassador Kapneck is to attend the ribbon cutting of a new Food Delivery Service.

Revolutionary Food Delivery Service at University of Maryland Byrd Stadium in Fall 2009
Philip Kapneck worked with Axion Maryland representative, Charles D. Dahan, to make Axion’s entry to Maryland a success.

New Cool Specialty Garments are A Big Hit!
Grant Ellwood, President and CEO had many meetings with Trade Ambassador Kapneck whom he met when the State of Maryland was setting up offices in Australia. The Flame retardant apparel and accessories that are also cool to wear protect

All-Weather Fieldturf Fields Create Positive Growth Throughout
BETHESDA, MD - Since FieldTurf's local state office in Bethesda was introduced to the great state of Maryland by Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the prestigious Naval Academy Stadium on FieldTurf, many local businesses have experienced a significant amount of growth. The success stories of these companies exemplify dedication and support of local businesses by Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck.

Ribbon Cutting at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for FieldTurf Tarkett
Dignitaries in attendance included the Secretary for the Department of Economic Development for the State of Maryland, Aris Melissaratos; the Maryland State Trade Ambassador, the Honorable Philip Kapneck; and The Naval Academy director of athletics, Chet Gladchuk.

State of Maryland Representatives participate in the grand opening of Intrinsic Yacht & Ship
Intrinsic Yacht & Ship worked with Trade Ambassador Kapneck to open their business, and to showcase the success of privately owned companies in the State of Maryland.”

FieldTurf Tarkett Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial
This event celebrates the new FieldTurf Tarkett and the opening of its first Maryland office in Bethesda. Maryland State Trade Ambassador, the Honorable Philip Kapneck; and The Naval Academy Director of Athletics, Mr. Chet Gladchuk attended.

Maryland Golf News
Maryland State Trade Ambassador, the Honorable Philip Kapneck introduced the FieldTurf company to Maryland, which was of interest to Golf Clubs.

Ambassador Kapneck Overview
Online newspaper editor writes about the work of Maryland Trade Ambassador, including charity work for the American Diabetes Association and Children's Hospital and about bringing jobs to Maryland and the USA.

Embassy Night Washington DC: Hon. Ambassador Philip Kapneck
Hon. Ambassador Philip Kapneck with other Maryland officials at the 2011 Embassy Night, in Washington DC, with ambassadors from all over the world and key business executives.

Hon Philip Kapneck Creating New Jobs
Creating new jobs in a down economy is an important thing to do, for families, the states and the country as a whole. This story aslso lists some of the appointments held by Ambassador Kapneck.

Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck Surfs the Wave of Goodwill While Creating Jobs in a Bad Economy
Effectively surfing on a wave of goodwill, Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck called on companies he previously helped to set up business in Maryland, to ask them to find jobs for people who lost theirs with other companies. While this was not one of his duties, he felt it was essential to help those in need of work.

Hon Philip Kapneck A Tireless Worker For The People
Ambassador Kapneck introduced many companies to Maryland by helping them establish in the State of Maryland. New companies are a valuable part of the state economy and this in turn, helps to increase employment.

Testimonials for Trade Ambassador Kapneck

"His word is his bond"
- Mr. Grant Ellwood, Performance Apparel Group

"Ambassador Kapneck, for the past thirty years, has brought a multitude of jobs into Maryland and USA and when he is not overseas he works without remuneration to help the citizens of Maryland find jobs with companies he brings into the State."
- Maryland State officials

"Maryland Trade Ambassador Phil Kapneck is not only the Maryland Industrial Ambassador, but also our State’s Good Will Ambassador."
- Bill McCaffrey, Elected to Maryland House of Delegates for 16 years, Director of MARC and Maryland's Finest Sports Talker

"I especially want to thank my motivator, Phil Kapneck, Maryland¹s Trade Ambassador, who keeps me in good spirits."
- Bill McCaffrey, thanking Ambassador Kapneck for his work

Note: This is the official website for Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck, presented by the State of Maryland, created to assist him in promoting business in the State of Maryland, to help businesses get started and to increase employment in the State. The State of Maryland has compiled and used these news articles from the internet and business news.

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